Hi. I'm Gabriel, a UI and UX designer based in Berlin.

After having studied management and engineering, I became increasingly involved with the subject of design in its full spectrum.

Since then I accompanied the development of various digital and physical products from the first sketches up to market readiness and beyond.

In my work I try to balance the understanding of the technical aspects of creating products with the aesthetic and usability requirements from a user's point of view. Currently I am working for LifeTime.



A digital health solution facilitating medical data exchange.
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Palettte App

An app that allows you to build, analyze and edit smooth color palettes.
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A social event company organizing two open air festivals with 15.000 yearly event visitors north of munich.
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Climbing products and other stuff that gives you the bäm effect.
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Interview series with creative people within the festival scene. (German only)
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